Call For Proposals

UPDATE: Proposal deadline extended to Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 11:59pm CST.


Call for Proposals

The TEXAAN Conference Planning Committee welcomes proposals from academic advisors, faculty advisors, administrators, and other student development professionals from at all levels of expertise and experience. Your participation sustains the growth of the professional academic advising field. TEXAAN is offering multiple session formats to both invigorate the conference schedule and recognize the diversity of presentation proposals TEXAAN membership has to offer. 

Instructions for Online Submission

  1. TEXAAN welcomes proposals from both inexperienced and experienced presenters.
  2. Submit your proposal online through TEXAAN’s online Call for Proposals Application page by clicking here.
  3. TEXAAN will not consider presentation proposals delivered in any alternate format.
  4. Complete all fields in the online Proposal Application. In the fields that do not apply, please put N/A or “does not apply.” Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  5. Please submit all information in plain text. Avoid using bullets or other special characters.
  6. List only presenters and co-presenters who will be attending the conference and making the presentation in-person.
  7. Craft a presentation title descriptive of the content of the session. Titles need not reflect the theme or title of the annual conference.
  8. Review each Presentation Format option, and select the one that fits your topic best. Please note that TEXAAN will only consider 60-minute sessions for the Best in TEXAAN award.
  9. Submit an abstract that provides a succinct and appealing description of your presentation’s content. The abstract will be published in the printed program should your proposal be accepted.
  10. Request only the equipment essential to deliver your presentation. TEXAAN requires presenters to supply their own laptops. If you plan to use an Apple product, you are responsible for bringing your own adaptor(s).


Presentation Format Options

  • 60-minute Session, Research: Presentation of quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method studies about academic advising and issues pertinent to academic advising such as student development, retention, diversity, staff development, etc. (Eligible for Best in TEXAAN Award)
  • 60-minute Session, Trends and Issues: Presentation addressing emerging trends, issues, and concepts pertinent to academic advising. (Eligible for Best in TEXAAN Award)
  • 60-minute Session, Assessed Institutional Initiative: Presentation highlighting specific programs/initiatives that have been instituted, assessed, and shown to be successful on a particular campus. Successful presentations will illustrate the greater significance and applicability of these programs/initiatives to other institutions. (Eligible for Best in TEXAAN Award)
  • 45-minute Power Session, Facilitated Discussion: Sessions designed to promote open discussion around a significant issue or theme. Rather than making a formal presentation, session facilitators will encourage and maintain substantive discussion. Facilitated discussions should not emphasize any one program or institutional initiative, but rather give all session attendees an opportunity to share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences. This session type is best for presenters wanting to share ideas and gain information from other conference participants in an open forum. (Not eligible for Best in TEXAAN Award)
  • 30-minute Power Session, Interactive: Sessions designed to promote networking and teamwork among TEXAAN members. Successful activities will provide the structure and planning necessary for fun and productive networking among TEXAAN Annual Conference attendees. (Not eligible for Best in TEXAAN Award)

TEXAAN will evaluate proposals employing the following criteria:

  • Originality of idea
  • Timeliness of the subject matter
  • Clarity of writing, purpose, and objective
  • Adaptability of ideas to a variety of institutional settings
  • Creativity in approach

Dates to Remember

  • December 6, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. CST November 17, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.: Online Presentation Proposal Application closes. Proposals received after this date will not be reviewed. TEXAAN appreciates early submissions.
  • December 15, 2017: TEXAAN will notify presenters about the results of the proposal evaluation process.
  • January 5, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.: Presenters must confirm their proposal acceptance to be officially placed in the conference program.  Please ensure all presenter and presentation information is finalized; no program changes will be made after this date.

Terms and Conditions

Before beginning your presentation proposal, understand that you and your co-presenters will be asked to agree to the following terms before submission:

  • I have read and agree to the requirements listed in the presentation proposal instructions.
  • I understand that all of the presenters listed must register and pay the appropriate fees associated with conference attendance. TEXAAN is unable to offer complimentary registration or lodging.    
  • I understand that all presenters must be available to present on any day of the conference.
  • I understand that all presenters will be expected to submit an electronic version of handouts, materials, and/or visual aids used in their session to TEXAAN. These material will be published to a web page accessible to conference attendees.
  • All of the presenters listed attest that all conference presentations and materials are their original work; and/or that they will obtain permission to use any materials that are not their original work and correctly cite the original source(s).
  • I will direct any questions and/or concerns about the call for proposals process to the Speakers Bureau by e-mailing