Officers 15-16

The Texas Academic Advising Network (TEXAAN) is led by a dedicated executive board of nine elected officers. Members of TEXAAN have an opportunity to become involved with the executive board by running for an officer position. You can view the officer descriptions for more information about each position. The Call for Officer Nominations will begin in August.


            Temple Carter
            Texas State University


   VinceHernandez         Immediate Past President

            Vince Hernandez
            Texas A&M University


            Vice President of Programs

            Casey Ramos
            Tarrant County College- Southeast Campus


KLD 15-16            Vice President of Technology

            Kelsey Lane Davidson
            Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi


            NACADA Representative

            Isaiah Vance
            Texas A&M University- Central Texas


MatthewHaynes            President Elect

            Matthew Braylon Haynes
            University of Texas at Austin


ShanaGoeyns            Vice President of Membership &

            Shana Goeyns
            Stephen F. Austin State University


Betsy            Vice President of Publications

            Betsy Haddad
            University of Texas at San Antonio



            Claudia L. Treviño
            Texas State University